TK Royal One Property Review, on Realestate.com.khTV
Updated on: June 6, 2022, 5:05 p.m.
Published on: July 18, 2016, 9:45 a.m.
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TK Royal One Property Review, on Realestate.com.khTV


Today we are at the “TK Royal One” showroom on Russian Boulevard with Mr Chenyi Chiu, General Manager at TC Royal Manor Asset Management. We will learn more about this exciting project.

Tell me about the location:

TK Royal One is located in the prime location of Phnom Penh city center right on the National Russian Blvd in front of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. In the center of Toul Kork district, TK Royal One is surrounded by various facilities, retail shops, financial institution, schools, hospitals and government agencies which really offer very convenient lifestyle for foreigner and local people. 

Who is this development for? What sort of buyers?

TK Royal One is a class A mixed-use commercial and residential high-rise building in downtown Phnom Penh. The development targets not only the international investors but also local Cambodian who are looking for the modern work and life style with safety and privacy.

Talk me through the main features, why should a new home buyer consider this development?

TK Royal One is designed with a mixed-use concept with 4 stories of office units, 14 stories of residential units, 4 stories of plenty basement car parking and more than 2000m2 of common facilities including swimming pool, fitness center and hotel like reception lounge. This rarely seen building in the downtown center provides not only the convenient modern lifestyle but also provides the excellent safety and privacy feature for the home owners who.

What is the quality of the builder, architect, finishes?

TK Royal One was developed, designed, constructed and managed by a group of experienced global team from Taiwan, France, American and Korea. The construction of TK Royal One follows the international standard in terms of structure, fire fighting, mechanical & electrical system and construction safety. Besides that the exterior and interior finishes is designed with modern serviced apartment concept. 

What types of units are available, at what price ranges?

There are only 3 types of residential units available with luxury 2 bedrooms, standard 2 bedrooms and elegant one bedroom ranging from 60m2 to 128m2 starting from $190K per unit.

What investment potential is there?

Investment in Cambodia is currently at right timing under its fast GDP growing period. With the fast growing foreign direct investment (FDI) from global investors, the Capital Phnom Penh is now transforming into a modern city which will have high demand of modern high-rise building. TK Royal One offers right for the demand for local and international investors.

How are the sales to date?

Right after our sale launched in March, 2015, within 3 months, all our office units were sold out. And up to now, our residential units only standard 2 bedrooms are still available. We have proved to the market that our project has gained the trust and reputation from the international investors and local buyers. 

What is the one question I should have asked you about this development that I haven’t?

Why the building with international grade is so valuable to TK Royal One and the high-rise building market in Phnom Penh?

Although the high-rise building market just get started since 2010, the increasing population from overseas and local in Phnom Penh has created the high demand in the high-rise building market. However, there are very rare high-rise building currently available in the Phnom Penh meeting the international grade and standard. The high-rise building with international grade and standard not only defines the future value of the building but also offers the real safety to the homeowners or tenants. TK Royal One is the now leading project in Phnom Penh which truly offers the international grade features. With this, TK Royal One has established a great model and example for bringing the Cambodia high-rise building market sector to the next level.

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