Urgent plot land law reforms called for by CVEA

Feb. 16, 2017, 11:55 a.m.

editorial content cvea public forum According to Phat Sok, Head of the Land Department from Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, and Ms. Chan Socheata, Head of the Office of Business Management of Housing Development at the Department of Industry and Finance, “Cambodia currently does not have law or regulation in the management of plot land, however the government with relevant ministries are currently working on the drafting a law on “Business Management of Real Estate Development.” ARE YOU LOOKING TO BUY PLOT LAND? Read our ultimate guide to buying land in a plot land development now! Regarding the draft of this new law, Oknha Cheng Kheng, ceo of Huttons CPL said that, “making a law to have legal control over the company selling subdivided plot land is highly significant and timely.” He explained, “we have to think about the positive impact and negative side with the long term health of the market in mind. If this law is applied, it will be able to defend any conflict which is arising after the purchasing of that land. For instance, in the past there have been some companies that have promised to build the road and sewage system for customers within the plot land development, but ultimately they are not keeping their promise. If we have this law, we can make sure that they are legally obliged to fulfill their promises to the buyer." Oknha Kheng also directly questioned the government’s criticism of plot land developers given the current void of legislation. sino plaza vvip launchOknha Kheng notes that “having been a service provider of plot land, I have observed notable progress in the sector. But I have also seen a lack of involvement from the authorities in regards to people’s education surrounding construction quality - some of which directly affects the municipal infrastructure, and the issues this causes when residential properties are under construction. At this early point of the construction progress there are no outright bans or instructions from the authorities guiding the developer. Then, suddenly after the construction is complete it is announced by the authority that the building is illegal. This state of affairs should also be taken into account by the relevant ministry.” Lina Thav, Executive Chairman of POD development in the project of Surin Phom Green Community, said that he supported a law governing the plot land subdivision companies: “Obviously our company wishes to fulfill its legal obligations and all safeguards required by law - such as responding to requests to display the master plan of the project to the government and customers, and the infrastructure plans to the Ministry of Land.” Suy Kokthean, Executive Director of the Vision to Social Advancement Organization, said that “since we do not have legal control over the plot land subdivision currently occurring, this creates problems for customers trying to purchase plot land now and in the future.” Suy notes that “plot land subdivisions have the potential to become areas of anarchy, where people build homes in any way they see fit. This will mean messy and poor-quality construction, building with no respect to borders easements. Furthermore, who will control zoning? What is stopping people from building factories and renting to workers, in the same area other buyers wanted to build a home?” He added “ This is an unpleasant thought for those who will buy plot land thinking it a good place to build a family home in the future.” kimheangHe finally said, “if plot land management law is applied well, we could avoid these type of issues.” This discussion was held at the recent Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association (CVEA) public forum entitled "Today’s Real  Estate Industry in Cambodia" at the Sofitel Hotel, Phnom Penh. This public forum event was designed to benefit key stakeholders in the Cambodian real estate sector such as developers, construction companies, real estate sellers and buyers, financial institutions and estate agents. Kim Heang, the president of the CVEA, also mentioned about the need for legal control over property sales and urged the government to establish the law relating to the subdivision plot land management law as soon as possible in order to facilitate the industry and to protect the interest of customers wishing to purchase plot land. Heang said that now is the ideal time to define what are the current issues in the real estate sector and find appropriate solutions to fix these problems. If these changes are not made quickly, the consumers will suffer in the longer-term. In particular, regulation is needed regarding plot land subdivision guidelines, condominium sales and development, boreys and correct licensing procedures for the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction.  BE A SMART PLOT LAND INVESTOR: Read our ultimate guide to buying land in a plot land development now! ky kosal author


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