A guide to Phnom Penh hospitals, clinics and dental facilities
Updated on: June 7, 2022, 7:07 a.m.
Published on: May 17, 2019, 4:05 a.m.

Complete guide to Phnom Penh hospitals, clinics and dentists

Cambodian nurses

Whether you’re just a visitor or a permanent resident in Cambodia, you’ll want to be informed on the state of healthcare here. Realestate.com.kh has you covered with another comprehensive guide to Phnom Penh hospitals, clinics, dentists and pharmacies.

If you’re searching for an apartment for rent in Phnom Penh or a condo for rent in Phnom Penh you might want to be near a good clinic. Perhaps you want to live in a district with the best hospital. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to stay informed.

Scroll down the page to browse the complete list of medical facilities below. However, if you want a bit of background on medical facilities in Cambodia here’s a breakdown:

Should you use Phnom Penh hospitals or get airlifted?

Cambodia doctors

If you peruse forums online you’ll find that Phnom Penh hospitals sometimes get a bad rap for the state of their healthcare. In fact, many people will say you should head to Thailand for anything more than a routine doctor visit. 

These sentiments can definitely be exaggerated. There are plenty of quality medical facilities in Phnom Penh and the state of medical care is constantly improving. You just have to know where to look and the Facebook expat groups can be useful although you will rarely get a unified opinion about a place.

In an emergency, there are private hospitals in Phnom Penh that can properly assist you. In non-urgent cases try looking around for s medical professional with a clinic in Phnom Penh and/or a specialist with a good reputation. Foreigners usually steer clear of state hospitals, with perhaps Calmette hospital being an exception in some cases.

If you have traveller’s insurance or get coverage through your work, make sure you know which facilities are covered by your provider. In 2020, medical insurance in Cambodia grew by 2.2 per cent, mainly influenced by COVID-19.

Expatriates will often look for insurance cover that includes medivac (medical evacuation) to hospital care services in nearby countries such as Thailand in medical emergencies.

Not covered? This might not be a huge deal for minor medical conditions, at least in Cambodia. Hospitals and clinics in Phnom Penh are quite cheap compared to many other countries across the world.

We’ve also given a cost rating to the facilities on the list below.

Find a pharmacy after visiting Phnom Penh hospitals

Pharmacy in Phnom Penh

When they say “don’t judge a book by its cover” they probably didn’t have clinics in mind. Every street seems to have a clinic, in Phnom Penh, at least. Ignore the dingy-looking places and generally go to a clinic in a bigger, nicer building. Many hospitals in Phnom Penh even have their own clinic onsite.

Healthcare isn’t an area of your life in which you should be stingy, so medical insurance and the knowledge you can be airlifted to international hospitals in the region does offer peace of mind.

There are tons of pharmacies and dental clinics across Phnom Penh. Your best bet for quality service is to go to one of the most upscale facilities - Stick to the ones on our list and you’ll be fine but it never hurts to do some research before you go.

So, without further ado, here’s the complete list of quality Phnom Penh hospitals, clinics, dentists, and pharmacies:

Full list of hospitals, clinics, dentists, and pharmacies in Phnom Penh

+ Means the facility is open 24 hours.

Name Location Type Specialty Cost Phone Summary
Apsara Phnom Penh Clinic+ 7 Makara Clinic General $ 023 218 583 Apsara is an unassuming local clinic. Most feedback on this facility is positive.
Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope 7 Makara Non-profit Hospital Infectious diseases, HIV and TB free 023 882 484 Run by US-based HOPE, this facility aims to help poor Cambodians.
Malis Dental Clinic 7 Makara Dental Clinic Dentistry $$ 023 964 142 Malis hosts four dentists: two from Japan, one from Korean and one from Cambodia.
Sun Int'l Clinic BKK1 Clinic General $$ 023 956 777 SIC hosts Japanese doctors. They also prescribe Japanese approved medicine.
European Dental Clinic BKK1 Dental Clinic Dentistry $$$ 012 340 393 European Dental was started by a French dentist and today has a staff of both foreigners and locals.
Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital+ Chamkarmon Public Hospital General $ 023 217 524 The Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital was started with funding from the former Soviet Union. It is colloquially known as Russian Hospital.
Mercy Medical Center Chamkarmon Christian Charity Clinic Women's Health $ 097 850 0448 MMC, a faith-based medical organisation runs this health centre in Chamkarmon.
Master Care Dental Clinic Chamkarmon Dental Clinic Dentistry $$ 016 820 081 Master Care has some dentists who were trained abroad. It gets many positive reviews for its affordability.
Physiotherapy Phnom Penh

Boeng Tumpun

Clinic Physical therapy $$ 023 996 344 This therapy centre is run primarily by Dutch doctors and is well regarded for physiotherapy treatment.
Roomchang Dental Hospital Chbar Ampov, Daun Penh, Sen Sok, and Tonle Bassac Dental Clinic Dentistry $$ 023 211 338 Roomchang has many locations around the city that all get good reviews.
Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh+ Chroy Changvar Hospital / Clinic General, Neurology $$ 023 260 152 This Japan-run medical facility offers everything from emergency care to pediatrics. It is located in Chroy Changvar.
European Medicare Daun Penh Clinic General $$ 011 811 175 Merger of “Cabinet Français” and  Naga Clinic. Only for consultations
Calmette Hospital+ Daun Penh Public Hospital Surgery $ 012 772 789 Calmette was established jointly between France and Cambodia in 1950. Many Cambodians travel to the capital to get treatment here.
Ang Duong Hospital+ Daun Penh Public Hospital Ear and eye treatment $ 023 218 875 This is another state hospitals. It is known for ear, nose and eye treatment.
Central Hospital+ Daun Penh Private Hospital General $$$ 023 214 955 This facility claims to be Cambodia's first modern private hospital. It has 80 beds, two delivery rooms and two operating theaters.
Embassy Medical Center Daun Penh General Medicine Women's Health, Pediatrics $ 017 490 650 Embassy is part of the HOPE network of facilities and has three different branches around Phnom Penh.
International SOS Cambodia Daun Penh General Medicine General $$$ +66 2 205 7866 International SOS is a worldwide company, and they claim to offer Western-level health care. They have both foreign and local doctors.
Raffles Medical Phnom Penh Daun Penh Private Hospital General $$$ 023 216 911 This Singaporean hospital is one of the top facilities in the country. Many upper-class Cambodians come here for medical treatment.
Traveller's Medical Clinic Daun Penh Clinic Tropical ailments, STDs $$ 023 306 802 Traveller's Medical Clinic is a small office operated by a British doctor who has been practicing in Cambodia for many years.
Pasteur Institute Daun Penh Research Hospital Vaccinations, rabies $$ 012 812 003 IPC operates as a research hospital under the government. It is the only international vaccination centre in the country.
Procare Medical Daun Penh Medical Centre General $$$ 061 828 410 Procare aims to provide international-level health care to everyone from babies to adults. Prices for regular visits are $40 for children or adults or $50 for babies.
Kantha Bopha Hospital+ Daun Penh Public Children's Hospital Children's health free 023 428 009 Established by Swiss pediatrician Beat Richner in 1992, Kantha Bopha is a free children's hospital. In 2018, Richner passed away and the hospital would come under state control.
Pharmacie De La Gare Daun Penh and BKK Pharmacy   $$ 092 711 771 De La Gare is considered by expats to be the top pharmacy in the country. It stocks medicines brands from Europe and the US.
U-Care Pharmacy Many locations across Phnom Penh Pharmacy   $$$ 023 224 099 With almost 15 locations across the city, U-Care is usually the best place to go if you just need some headache medicine or something for a cold.
Royal Phnom Penh Hospital+ Sen Sok Private Hospital General $$$ 023 991 000 Often considered one of the top hospitals in the country, Royal Phnom Penh Hospital is a Thai-backed enterprise. They have both Khmer and foreign doctors.
Sen Sok International University Hospital+ Sen Sok General Medicine General $$ 023 883 713 Sen Sok University Hospital is a facility trusted by both locals and expats. There are one or two international doctors here.
Khema Clinic Toul Kork Clinic Maternity $ 023 880 949 Specialising in pre-natal care, Khema is popular with both local and foreign expectant mother in Cambodia.
Preah Kossamak Hospital Toul Kork Public Hospital Dermatology $ 023 883 047 Kossamak was expanded in 2014 with German and British funding. It attracts patients from the province, especially for skin-related ailments.

Map of the best Phnom Penh hospitals, clinics, dentists and pharmacies:

We hope you find all the information you're looking for about Phnom Penh hospitals and medical facilities in the list and map above. Stay safe while you're in the Kingdom of Wonder!

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