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Updated on: August 30, 2023, 2:16 a.m.
Published on: August 30, 2023, 2:13 a.m.

How Does Rental Payment And Deposit Work in Cambodia?

While there isn't a strict regulatory framework in place, common practices among landlords prevail when renting property in Cambodia. This article will provide an explanation of rental payments and deposits in Cambodia, shedding light on key considerations for tenants. 


Once the tenant finds the ideal property to rent, the owner will move forward with a rental contract. Within this contract, details concerning the security deposit will be clearly outlined. Cambodia is no different from other countries regarding a request for a security deposit. It serves as a safeguard for landlords against potential damages or breaches of contract. The specific amount of the security deposit can vary and often depends on the landlord's discretion. Generally, for a 12-month rental contract, landlords usually require a security deposit equivalent to two months' rent. Alternatively, for a 6-month contract, a deposit equivalent to one month's rent is commonly requested. Long-term rental contracts, especially those extending beyond 12 months, are subject to further discussion. In cases of contracts spanning several years, landlords might require a higher security deposit, ranging from 5 to 6 months' rent. While negotiation of the security deposit is possible, it is usually tied to the terms of the rental agreement. 

Rental Payment 

Rental payment structures in Cambodia tend to vary based on the preferences of individual landlords. However, there are some prevailing norms that tenants are likely to encounter, and it's important to note some additional details about these payment structures. In the majority of cases, tenants are required to pay rent in advance for each month of their tenancy. The payment is usually due on a regular date, often towards the end of the current month or the early days of the new month. It's important for tenants to be aware of this schedule to ensure timely payments and a good landlord-tenant relationship. The rental bill, which outlines the amount due for the upcoming month, is typically sent either through the property management company responsible for the property or directly from the landlord. This bill not only covers the base rent but also includes utility fees such as water, electricity, and sometimes garbage collection. It is common for landlords to include utility fees in the rental payment to simplify the payment process for tenants and ensure that these essential services are consistently paid for. 

Amenities & Additional Costs 

Tenants should be aware that certain rental fees might not encompass all amenities. Additional charges, such as for wifi, cable TV, and parking, could be separate from the base rent. It's advisable to thoroughly understand what amenities are included in the rental price prior to signing the rental agreement.

Early Termination of Rent

The conditions for terminating a rental contract prematurely in Cambodia are not set in stone. The terms of such termination must be mutually agreed upon and documented in the rental contract before signing any contract. In some cases, if a tenant decides to terminate the contract early, the landlord may retain the deposit. In other cases, the landlord will request a one-month notice period. 

Rental For Commercial Properties

The rental dynamics for commercial properties in Cambodia are similar to residential properties. One key distinction is the concept of the fit-out period during commercial property transitions. This involves moving in at a non-charge or discounted rate, especially when significant renovations are required. Negotiations regarding fit-out periods depend on factors such as rental price, location, and market demand. Real estate agents can often play a role in facilitating negotiations between landlords and tenants.

Overall, rentals in Cambodia are relatively easy and straightforward. It is important to be well-informed about the rental conditions and additional costs, so tenants can secure a rental property that aligns with their needs and budget.

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