Chroy Changvar New Development along National Road No. 6A Increases

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:14 p.m.

The current real estate market is experiencing significant growth particularly in major business district centers in the city. There’s also a growing interest for land and residential markets in suburbs. Among this growth, Chroy Changvar new development along National Road No. 6A is increasing as 2017 dawns.

Chroy Changvar is climbing the market land price index as a result of the rapid development growth in the area. Prices for land in this area are rising faster than most areas of the city, as developers seek tracts of land here for large scale projects. This has attracted millions in investment from high-scale development companies for residential projects on hundreds of hectares of land in the area.

Upcoming Chroy Changvar New Development Projects Along National Road No.6A:

Chroy Changva is now a hotspot for high quality developments like the High Land Development Project that comes with a land area of 120 hectares; The Flora Development Project with 150 hectares; the LYP Development Project with 100 hectares; the Mekong Royal Development Project with 13 hectares; the Borey Peng Houth Development Project and the Chroy Changvar City Development Project that totals to 307.3 hectares, a satellite city project by OCIC.

And recently, Orkide Villa inaugurated its third project at the Chroy Changvar area, along the national highway No. 6A. The Botanic City project has a land size of 140 hectares and is 7 kilometers away from Chroy Changvars bridge connecting the area to central Phnom Penh.

The municipal has also just revealed a plan to build a new bridge across the Tonle Sap river connecting the West Tonle Sap Riverbank and Kilometer No.6 to the East Riverbank, linked directly to the OCIC Chroy Changvar City Development Project area.

All these projects will serve both local and international residents with mixed-use developments like commercial areas, businesses, offices, serviced apartments, condos, gated borey communities,  restaurants, sports areas, modern and eco-friendly industrial parks, shopping centers, markets, etc.

Ms. Chev Sokhun, marketing manager of The Mekong Royal, said that “seeing as Phnom Penh has expanded, residential needs is also growing day by day. Therefore, we decided to start a project in this area.”

She continues to say that they chose this area because there are rivers surrounding it, with fresh air and more space for residents. Chroy Changvar offers The Mekong Royal a chance to build a uniquely green focused development. It’s proximity to the National Highway also allows connections to other provinces easily.

Mr. Cheng Mony a customer who bought a hybrid villa at The Flora project in Chroy Changvar  said, "I want to live in this area because it has a big road, no traffic jams - which is different from the central city. And I’m also interested in new developments here. I see several large projects that have started in this area. I think the future will be very attractive and we can expect good growth here for both lifestyle and return on my investment."

What are the successful Chroy Changvar New Development projects  so far?

These Chroy Changvar New Development projects have been completed totally, and have been well sold and occupied. Successful projects are ones that have been considered to have a good design, marketing strategy, sales, quality, and turnover -- making them good investments as well in terms of investment return for developers and a good quality of life for residents.

Advisor of VTrust Appraisal, Mr. In Sitha, said there were successful investment projects in the area before. Those include the Borey Sopheak Mongkol, Borey Chinatown, Borey New World, Mekong View Condo,  the Mekong Garden Condo, and many more. Those projects was already sold and now being living by residents.

What is the potential in this area in the future?

Mr. In Sitha, said that Chroy Changva is like a peninsular. It is geographically good for living in because it’s lined up alongside rivers, a smog-free place and and an eco-friendly natural environment.  

He adds that infrastructural and transit systems have improved which makes it more convenient to commute for residents. Price of land in this area is still steep but offers more possibilities for developers to invest. Land prices are pretty high on the main road area. The current land prices also increased by half compared to 2 or 3 years ago.

Sitha also said that “because of a potentially big investment to transform the area into a major commercial hub, there are also more projects diverting their direction there.”

For now, no matter how small or how large the projects are, they can find success because there are customers at all levels. Local customers will gain satisfaction from a local lifestyle by choosing a flat or borey. And the high-end customers or foreigners can choose a modern lifestyle by living in a condo.

Mr. Chrek Soknim, CEO of Century 21 Mekong, said Prek Leap, Chroy Changva is a good place for residential development. He adds that there are currently more people moving into the area and that housing developments in the area are very successful.

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