Multiple Issue Cambodia Visa for Chinese and Korean tourists

Feb. 16, 2017, 12:03 p.m.

A recent news release from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism has announced that the Cambodian Government is currently preparing to issue three-year multiple visas, exclusively to Chinese and Korean tourists. Last year, 700,000 Chinese and 400,000 Korean tourists visited Cambodia last year, putting them in the top 10 foreign visitors. PhnomPenhInternationalAirport The initiative seeks to bolster the tourism sector, according to the report, one of Cambodia's keys to continued economic growth. Such a flexible and long term multiple issue Cambodia visa should encourage repeat travel and bring more tourists from China and Korea to Cambodia. But it may also bolster Chinese and Korean investment in the Cambodian real estate market... Travel is also opening Chinese eyes to real estate investment opportunities outside their borders; and Chinese outward tourism is the largest and fastest-growing tourism market in the world. Despite only 4 percent of Chinese nationals holding a passport, that 4 percent spend $200 billion overseas yearly. In 10 years, 12 percent of China’s population will hold passports, suggests China’s National Tourism Administration. “By 2020, it is predicted that 234 million outbound Chinese travellers will splurge $422 billion abroad,” says Charles Pitar, CEO of, China's leading international property portal website which introduces mainland Chinese buyers to international real estate investment opportunities. Stay tunes to NEWS for more on this as it unfolds...

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