The ultimate guide to BKK3

May 10, 2019, 10:26 a.m.

It may be a bit smaller and more low key than heavy hitter BKK1, but Boeung Keng Kang 3 has a lot to offer. In fact, it has plenty of unique things to offer in its own right. So, without any delay, is bringing you the ultimate guide to BKK3.

BKK3 sits across Monivong Boulevard from BKK1, one of the most upscale districts of the capital. Due to the lower rent prices in BKK3, many expats choose to live here. Plus, its still centrally located.

We can help you find the best expat rentals in BKK3. If you're still debating where in Phnom Penh you want to live, take a look at the rest of our location profiles.

There are a few key types of residences in the neighourhood. We'll give you a short brief on each of them:

Shophouses in BKK3

Two- and three-bedroom apartments inside Cambodia's typical shophouses are one of the most popular arrangements for foreigners in Cambodia. They're especially popular for those on a tight budget. Most are divided over two floors with the common areas on the lower level and bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms sitting above. 

Luckily, this style of accomodation is plentiful so its easy to find openings no matter when you're looking. There's still tons of shophouses in BKK3. You can browse our site to view houses for rent in BKK2.

But who wants to waste time hunting down houses, especially in the Cambodia heat? Agents can make the process smooth and painless. Thankfully, we've got a list of the best realtors in Cambodia.

Renovating and elevating

Buildings in Cambodia are being improved constantly. Landlords always want to update to attract renters, so it’s simple to find a shophouse that has been given a facelift. Landlords usually add features that you would expect in Western nations, especially if they want to attract expats.

Occassionally, you'll see shophouses that have been subdivided. Landlords will often do this so they can offer one-bedroom units or larger flats, instead of leaving the whole floor as one space. For around $500 per month you can find a nicely furnished space in BKK3.

If you're looking to live alone, there are studio apartments that can go for as little as $300 per month.

Jihye Kim, who works for an NGO in Phnom Penh has lived in the city for more than four years. She's currently in a one-bedroom flat in a renovated shophouse in the district. She pays around $500 a month for rent.

“I like that it is centrally located but is also quiet,” she said, adding that she rarely has to leave this area of Phnom Penh.

The age of the condo

If you take a look around Phnom Penh you'll see tons of new high-rise buildings popping up. True, BKK1 holds the lion's share of these buildings. But there are more and more spreading throughout the surrounding districts such as BKK3.

Units in dedicated apartment buildings will often be fully furnished with most of what you'd expect in a typical flat elsewhere in the world. Sofas, tables, chairs, kitchen setups, and modern bathrooms are all par for the course. If you get lucky you may even be the first person to move in, so all the appliances will be brand new. Those are the perks of living during a building boom!

You can even start your search right now. Start browsing our hundreds of listings to find a condo for rent in BKK3.

Luxury on lock

There's another category of apartments for those who want a little bit more luxury. In Phnom Penh, we have what are called full-service apartments. These spots look similar to the dedicated apartment buildings above. They will usually have a host of common facilities, however. Most have pools, fitness centres, 24-hour security and (as the name implies) housekeeping services. 

If you have a busy social life or a job that keeps you on the go, these can be a great option. Of course, you will pay a bit more. But you'll have more convenience and a great place to relax on weekends. 

To get into a place like this on a budget try finding a two-bedroom apartment and find yourself a roomate. Also, start your search at our page for apartments for rent in BKK3.

Villa here, villa there

Freestanding houses in Phnom Penh are usually referred to as villas. These can vary widely in size from three to over eight bedrooms. They are sometimes even used for businesses. Every once in a while a nice villa will spring up on the renting market. Some can be pricey because of their size. Yet if you have a large group, they can be an awesome way to live. 

Many villas for rent in BKK3 are leased out for around $2,500 to $5,000 per month.

But what's there to do here?

If you want to live in a place where there's restaurants, bars and entertainment, BKK3 is a good place for you. Activities abound here. There's a beer garden just around the corner from the Toul Sleng museum called Five Men Fresh Beer. They serve beer that's brewed locally and some pretty good entrees.

For film buffs, a local expat haunt is The Flicks Community Movie House. They have a couple venues around town but their main location is in the neighbourhood. Pay for a $3.50 ticket and you get to watch three films in a day.

The owner of The Flicks, Ramon Stoppelenburg, claimed that the area has changed immensely since he bought the business in 2011.

“Before, the city lacked anything besides bars and restaurants … [The Flicks] has become the escape haven for the many expatriates and tourists in town as it screens better movies, film festival winners, documentaries and has kids’ sessions," he said.

Food, glorious food

BKK3 is practically a melting pot of different cuisines. One staple of the area are the Chinese restaurants peppered along Monivong. They offer up awesome hand-pulled noodles as well as dumplings. What's more, many are open late into the night. This is no-frills dining, but it's also quite cheap.

Want some Thai food? Look no further than Yosaya just off Sihanouk. There are also tons of local eateries if you're looking for Khmer food.

Try Coin Cafe if you want a restaurant that has a mix of Western and Asian food. 

Living your life in BKK3

Corner stores are a new development in Cambodia. BKK3 already has tons of them though. They can be great for just picking up daily needs or snacks. There's Kiwi Mart, Fresh Mart, Super Duper and a few more. 

Many people also like to go to the gym a few times a week. There are plenty of places in the district to do that. There's Muscle Fitness and Ming Hour Club and many others. For a guide, read our list of the top 10 gyms in Phnom Penh.

Life in the city

Phnom Penh is changing and diversifying day by day. As it does BKK3 might start to look more like BKK1. But, as it is now, it still has its own feel and flavour. The atmosphere here is somewhere in between the BKK1 and ecclective Toul Tum Poung to the south. Because of this, many think it's an awesome middleground.

Choosing where you live in the capital will have a lasting effect on your experience. Some want to be in a quiet place. Others want to be in the middle of it all. 

Regardless of your specific needs, there's plenty to find no matter where you look. No matter where you move, get to know the area. Get out and see what there is to see. 

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