Chamkarmon Location Profile

Chamkarmon Location Profile
Chamkarmon Location Profile


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Chamkarmon is a large district (Khan) located to the south of central Phnom Penh. It is very diverse with an eclectic range of amenities and a healthy food and bar scene, places to stay (residential and hotels) and districts to explore. 

In particular, Tonle Bassac and Toul Tum Poung (known more commonly as Russian Market) are very popular with expats, whereas Boeung Trabek and Phsar Doeum Thkov are still more Cambodian-centric. 

Chamkarmon is spoiled with a great selection and range of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and markets. It is also home to new commercialised areas like Koh Pich, malls such as AEON and the NagaWorld casino and entertainment complexes.

Like all Khans in the city of Phnom Penh, new developments are springing up, and with the cross-section of areas within Chamkarmon, some sangkats have seen much more recent development than others. The residential and commercial land in the district is generally of high value with the latter seeing steady increases.

Key Information

Chamkarmon has a less coveted history than areas like Daun Penh, but in economic terms, the area has taken on a lot of significance in recent years.

Tuol Sleng stands out for its sombre role in the atrocities committed during the Khmer Rouge, especially at S21, which today is an important museum and reminder of the genocide during the 1970s.

There are many Cambodian governmental and non-government organisations in Toul Tum Poung 1 and Tonle Bassac in particular. Historically they have converted villas and shophouses into commercial spaces but some are also located in purpose-built government offices and buildings. There are new recent lavish additions to the government buildings along Norodom Blvd. 

The small commune of Boeung Trabek in Chamkarmon district has been the site of land disputes for several years but these issues have been addressed by the government. The area is still most well known for the unsavoury polluted reservoir which runs through it and it remains less appealing than its neighbouring Toul Tum Poung 1.

As the five sangkats in Chamkarmon are quite diverse, the economic pull is also spread but this is a pivotal district of Phnom Penh.

Tonle Bassac, in particular, is a popular tourist, expat, and government hub and has seen massive growth and investment with high-rises, malls and modern developments. Koh Pich, in particular, is unrecognisable to a few years ago.

Toul Tum Poung 1 became a hotbed of activity in recent years but relies more on a sprawling Food & Beverage scene and is more suburban than Tonle Bassac. It is less affected by massive new developments but there is a great mix of residential, hotel, and retail properties.

Boeung Trabek is one of the faster developing sangkats in Chamkarmon due to spillover from popular that flank it, namely Toul Tompoung 1 and Tonle Bassac.

Tuol Sleng is mainly a tourist attraction but otherwise remains a functional area, mostly populated with local businesses and residents. 

Phsar Doeum Thkov have seen less of the modern developments and thus remain ripe for future investments.

The city of Phnom Penh has a total population of just over 2 million in 2019 and the area of Chamkarmon (according to the 2019 census of Cambodia), has a population of 70,772. Chamkarmon previously had almost 200,000 residents until the Boeung Keng Kang areas were made to be their own district in January 2019.

The population of the country increased from 12 million in 2018 to over 15 million by 2019. 41.09% of the Cambodian population are between 25 and 54 years old, with an average age of 25.7 years.

Things To Do in Chamkarmon

Phsar Toul Tom Poung Market (Russian Market) is one of the most popular markets for tourists and expats in Phnom Penh. It is also one of the best places to pick up souvenirs but the market also stocks a healthy range of electronics, clothes and others, souvenirs and knick-knacks.

Located in the southern part of Phnom Penh, the Russian market area picked up its name as it was popular among the Russian expats during the 1980s. The rabbit-warren style market has narrow, and mostly humid market stall alleyways, as there is no air-conditioning.  

There are also big-retail clothing outlets like Zando, and Brand Collection which offer discounted prices on branded clothes.

The biggest mall in the Chamkarmon area is Aeon Mall which was the first megamall to open in Cambodia in 2014. The Japanese mall in Tonle Bassac is air-conditioned and has local, regional and international brands and retail outlets, a food court, a bowling alley, gym & movie theatres.

The recent addition of large mixed-use developments such as The Bridge, The Peak and DI Riviera also offers hundreds of retail outlets.

Boeung Trabek Plaza - BTK Plaza is a popular local market with stalls selling a variety of goods, and food. There are also purpose-built underground & multi-storey parking spaces available.

Well-known western-style supermarkets are spread through Chamkarmon such as at Super Duper, Chip Mong Markets, minimarts and at AEON’s ground floor.

There are several Cambodian government offices and agencies in Tonle Bassac. In addition, a number of international embassies can be located in Tonle Bassac.

NagaWorld is the only licensed casino in Phnom Penh and it attracts thousands of visitors to and has a dozen dining options, conference facilities and clubs as well as high-end retail outlets. 

Diamond Island (or Koh Pich) has been transformed into a development hub of its own but still boasts one of the largest exhibition spaces in the centre of the city and it hosts a number of international and local events.

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is an important place of historical value in the capital of Cambodia as it chronicles the Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge.

The museum itself was the site of a former secondary school which was used as Security Prison 21 (S-21) by the Khmer Rouge regime from 1975 to its fall in 1979. Its estimated 20,000 people were imprisoned at Tuol Sleng and many met their fate after being transported to the infamous Killing Fields on the outskirts of the city.

Wat Tuol Tom Poung is one of the most well-known pagodas in the Toul Tum Poung area.

In Toul Tum Poung 1 & 2, there are countless great restaurants. Along the very popular St.123 in Tuol Tom Poung, there are a string of popular international restaurants, music venues and bars. These include Dos Besos, Kinin, Flavors of India and Curry Pot.

Brooklyn Pizza, Azure Bar and Grill, Alchemy Gastropub (all within touching distance) have incredible western food and also plenty of weekly specials between them. Azure and Alchemy also offer live music and other entertainment and events.

There are ample cafes in Toul Tum Poung1 & 2, including the recognised franchises of Amazon Cafe, Brown Cafe, Starbucks and many more regional coffee and bubble tea outlets. Lot 369 is a popular cafe with great coffee and western and Khmer style food.

Suzy Anti Cafe is a new addition in Tuol Sleng and is proving to be popular as a mixed working space and cafe hangout. It's also a typical cafe idea and offers something different in a congested cafe scene. Tuol Sleng is still less affected by western and expat preferences and has a lot of local Khmer cafes and dining opinions.

Tonle Bassac is filled to the brim with dining options too. Aside from the plentiful selections at the major malls like AEON or the nearby Noro Mall (which have Food & Beverage outlets and supermarkets), there are also dozens of eateries at NagaWorld. 

Sothearos and Norodom are great as they have a cluster of rooftop dining options which include VEHAA, Celeste Sky Bar, or Eclipse Sky Bar.

Lucky, Angkor Market, Super Duper and Royal are all great convenient grocery and supermarket stores in Chamkarmon.

One of the most iconic nightspots in the Khan can be found in Tonle Bassac at Bassac Lane on St 308. It is well frequented by international travellers, expats and Cambodians and has a great selection of local, boutique bars, cocktail bars, mini clubs and live music venues. 

Craft distillers and craft beers are also in Chamkar Mon, such as the Samai (rum) distillery, Seekers Spirits (gin and rum) which have events, tasting sessions and sell their Cambodian produced spirits. Craft beer from Cerevisia, Riel Brewing and others are being added to the local craft scene and can be found in Toul Tum Poung 1 & 2 and Tonle Bassac.

In Toul Tum Poung 1 & 2, the Sangkat has become one of the biggest concentrations of expats in recent years and the nightlife reflects the changes. Some of the more popular hangouts in the evenings include Sundown Social Club, Ege Bar, and Long After Dark with more bars continuously being set up.

Off St. 155 is an alleyway with bars and restaurants that is busy on the weekends and in the evenings. Le Petanque bar is the most popular (French-inspired) bar in the alley.

The more southern Toul Tum Poung 2 is less influenced by westerners but has plentiful local Cambodian beer gardens, bars and some KTVs.

Luckily, there is a wide range of public transportation options for you within the capital and in Chamkar Mon. 

Cambodia’s tuk-tuk or the remork-moto is a carriage attached to a motorcycle and are popular while newer smaller tuk-tuks have also entered the market in recent years and are popular with a number of ride-hailing apps which are commonly used in Phnom Penh (PasApp and Grab are two examples). Motodops (or motorbike taxis) are also common.

These transport options are usually found near very markets, hotels and restaurants in Phnom Penh. Taxis are also alternatives for commuters. In Chamkarmon, finding these forms of public transportation should be relatively easy during the day and at night.

Within the city itself, a number of bus services are available with set routes, while water taxis have also started operating as the city expands and it deals with a growing traffic issue.

Private buses and taxis are also alternatives for commuters and can be arranged via the many hotels and guesthouses in the area.

The airport is about 40 minutes away from Chamkarmon and there are many ways to be transported to/from the airport. Vehicles can be pre-booked or simply taken from the airport to get to Chamkarmon (depending on where in the area you live).

Expats of multiple nationalities congregate in this large central area of Phnom Penh. It is a popular location and offers fantastic restaurants, nightlife, shopping and is home to many international schools, government buildings and embassies. 

Housing in the Toul Tum Poung area is a bit less expensive than the town centre or areas like BKK which is closeby, but Tonle Bassac has some gated communities and mixed unit buildings which are deemed as more expensive but are sought after.

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