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ទីតាំង បាត់ដំបង

ទីតាំង បាត់ដំបង
ទីតាំង បាត់ដំបង


ទិញ$102K - $985K
ជួល$22 - $22
សំរាប់លក់14 ទំព័រដើម
សំរាប់ជួល3 ទំព័រដើម

Over recent years, Battambang city has started to lose its moniker as a ‘sleepy town’. Battambang province has also steadily climbed the economic ladder to become one of Cambodia’s most important provinces and is also known as the “Rice Bowl” of Cambodia, producing more than half of the country’s annual rice output.

Battambang is the third most populous province in the Kingdom of Cambodia, with a population of more than 150,000 people. It is also Cambodia’s fifth largest province with a total area of 11,702 square kilometres and Battambang city is its capital in the north of Cambodia.

The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts are also seeking heritage city status for Battambang from UNESCO.

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