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How much does a ServicedApartment in ៧ មករា cost?
For សេវាកម្ម អាផាតមេន available for ជួល in ៧ មករា, we currently have 8 with prices ranging from $0 to $0, and the median property price is $0.

What property types and features are most popular?
The stock is distributed across 1 different property types comprising mostly of សេវាកម្ម អាផាតមេន, and the top features of these properties are ម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់, វេរ៉ង់ដា, ជណ្តើរយោង / ជណ្តើរយន្ត and អត់លិចទឹក.

What are the most popular suburbs in ៧ មករា?
Out of all the locations in ៧ មករា the most popular suburbs are បឹងព្រលិត, អូរឬស្សី១ and វាលវង់ where you have a total of 8 properties.

The average bedroom count ranges from 1 to 3 bedrooms, with the most popular being 1 bedrooms in ៧ មករា. The majority of these properties also offer a bathroom range between 1 and 4 with a median of 1 parking spots per property.

According to our data the majority of the properties faces south.

Properties in ៧ មករា have an average floor area of 233 with the lowest area being 233 square meters and the largest being 233 square meters.

The latest property listing was uploaded 1 ខែ, 11 សប្តាហ៍ ago. A few different agencies are selling these properties, with លក្ខិណា and CBRE Cambodia being the top agencies.