Top 10 gyms in Phnom Penh

April 5, 2019, 12:09 p.m.

Top 10 gyms in phnom penh

These days it’s all about #gymlyfe. More than ever, people are interested in staying fit and making a hobby out of physical activity. 

Indeed, many of the biggest new developments in Cambodia are including fitness centres in their buildings. But if you want something more specialised, you’ll want to head to one of Phnom Penh’s many fitness centres.

Before you pay up for a membership, however, take a look at this guide we crafted. Or, scroll down and check out the map of the best Phnom Penh gyms.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 gyms in Phnom Penh:

Olympic Stadium - Phnom Penh's budget gym

Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium

If you want to work out but are strapped for cash, just head to the city's Olympic Stadium. There you can kick around a soccer ball, jog or even do some aerobic dancing! There are almost always people here and there's plenty of room to roam.

Even better, if you're there in the evening you can sometimes sit and watch a local match taking place on the pitch. No tickets necessary!

Olympic Stadium

Charles de Gaulle Boulevard, Phnom Penh - 086 734 905

The Place - Phnom Penh's ecclectic gym

The Place Phnom Penh

With locations in both BKK1 and Toul Kork, The Place offers members a little bit of everything. The weekly schedule here covers everything from yoga to cardio boxing. If you’re the kind of person who loves to try new things, this might be the place (wink) for you. 

Both branches have pools and full facilities. Passes here can be had for just single visits or for as long as two years. They’ve also got tons of personal trainers ready to whip you into shape.

Toul Kork is a new hotspot for residential life. Read more about it in our profile of Toul Kork.

The Place

11 Rue Pasteur No. 51, BKK1 - 069 876 777

Samdach Penn Nouth St. (289), Toul Kork - 069 452 777

Open 6am-9:30pm

Prokout - The fighter’s gym

Prokout Phnom Penh

Situated in Tonle Bassac district, this gym has a focus on martial arts, especially traditional Kun Khmer and Muy Thai from neighbouring Thailand. They also have tons of other offers, however, including yoga, pilates and even kids’ class. 

Drop-in classes are $15 or $10 for a full day of access. Memberships, on the other hand, cost between $30 and $100 per month. If you’re a fan of MMA and want to give it a try this is definitely the place for you.

Kun Khmer is an interesting aspect of Khmer culture. To learn more background about the Kingdom in our Investment Guide 2019.

Prokout Fitness & Fight Center

2 National Assembly Boulevard, Phnom Penh - 066 606 000

Open 6am-8:30pm every day

Drop-in $10

Yoga Phnom Penh and Nataraj Yoga - The gym(s) for Cambodia yogis

People do yoga in cambodia

This facility, run by the Azahar Foundation, offers up classes in almost every style of yoga. Their studio is centrally located in Tonle Bassac district and they operate every day of the week. No worries if you’re new to the ancient Indian discipline either. They’ve got beginner classes and drop-in classes are just $5 for locals and $7 for foreigners.

Just down the road in BKK1 is Nataraj Yoga, run by the NGO Krama. Drop-in classes here are $9, and multi-class passes are available. They also offer two hours in the morning for self-practice.

Yoga Phnom Penh

house 39, street 21 Preah Norodom Blvd (41), Phnom Penh - 077 541 975

Open 7am-8pm daily

Drop-in $7 for foreigners $5 for Khmer

Nataraj Yoga

52 St 302, Phnom Penh - 012 250 817

Open 6am-6:30pm

Drop-in $9

SuperFit - Phnom Penh's family health gym

SuperFit Phnom Penh

Just off Mao Tse Tung Blvd near Russian Market is this health club has a massive pool and tons of training equipment. Their equipment is high quality, so it can be fun to come here if you want to just do a little bit of everything.

Watch out for discounts and family packages here. Drop in rates are pretty affordable but if you plan on coming regularly it can be worth it to get a membership.


341 Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (245), Phnom Penh - 023 999 229

Open 6am-10pm

Physique Club - Phnom Penh's posh gym

Hotel Cambodiana

Part of Hotel Cambodiana, this club offers up fitness facilities in a luxury package. They got a pool, tennis courts, aerobics and yoga in addition to all the typical gym facilities. If you live in the Riverside area this is one of the best options around.

Passes for a day are $12, but you can pay for a full year for $600. If you’re staying here, obviously this is a good choice. It’s also great if you want a really spacious and modern place to exercise. For other offerings in the area, check out our Daun Penh guide

Physique Club

No. 313 Hotel Cambodiana, Preah Sisowath Quay - 023 218 189

Open 6am-10pm

Drop-in $12

Muscle Fitness - The no-nonsense Phnom Penh gym

Muscle Fitness

This compact gym is popular with both locals and expats alike. Located in BKK3, it has treadmills, bikes, lifting racks, equipment and even a small area for stretching and the like. They will even whip up protein smoothies for you at the front desk.

Affordability is the name of the game here. A single entry is just $4. Or, you can get a monthly pass for $39 or a 10-pass for $27. If you plan to work out on your lunch break or after work, this is a great venue. 

Muscle Fitness

67 St 95, Phnom Penh - 012 796 374

Open 6am-9pm

Drop-in $4

Phnom Climb - Cambodia's climbing gym

Phnom Climb

Sure, Cambodia isn’t exactly in mountainous terrain. But that doesn’t mean rock climbing isn’t a good hobby to have. Phnom Climb, occupying a warehouse-style space near Russian Market has both bouldering walls and full top-rope facilities. If you’ve never done bouldering before its basically climbing without a rope. Don’t worry! There are thick mats to cushion if you fall.

One-day passes here are $9. If you’re really into the climbing lifestyle you can opt for a year pass for $425. This can be a great weekend activity if you want to try something new. They also host excursions if you want to try your skills on actual rock faces.  

Edward Anderson, a staff memeber at Phnom Climb, said that the gym attracts a unique community.

"Climbing is a lifetime sport, therefore we have people of all ages. We have expats and locals. Many of our locals and expats that live here are members. We also have quite a few drop ins from travelers who are only in Phnom Penh for a few days."

To discover all the other offerings in Russian Market, read our quick guide to the vibrant area.

Phnom Climb

St.460 Number 345 Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh - 017 897 105

Open 8am-9pm

Drop-in $9

Home Gym Fitness - Phnom Penh's neighbourhood gym

HomeGym Fitness

Tucked away off a small street near Russian Market is Homegym Fitness. Unlike other facilities, this one is set up inside a villa. Their equipment is well-used, but still perfectly functional. What’s more, they’ve got a ping pong court set up outside. They have female-only yoga classes a few times a week as well.

A monthly pass here is just around $30 so there’s some serious value. It’s still a well-kept secret, too, so it is never crowded.

Home Gym Fitness

St 175, Phnom Penh - 016 281 168

Open 6am-9pm

Core Explore Fitness - The on-the-go Phnom Penh gym

Core Explore Fitness

There’s plenty of cheap gyms around town that let you sweat it out with no air conditioning. At Core Explore, however, that’s a good thing. Nestled in amongst the restaurants of the Russian Market area, this gym is more than meets the eye.

Prices here are similar to other budget options on this list. The equipment here is mostly brand new, though. And they have a small studio just off the main area if you want to do yoga or stretches. You can even pop across the street when you’re done and grab a bite at Restaurant 72, a nieghbourhood favourite where most dishes are just a few dollars. 

Core Explore Fitness

#45 St 454, Phnom Penh - 090 325 777

Open 7am-9pm

Drop-in $4

Map of the best Phnom Penh gyms:

Work it out in Phnom Penh's gyms

There you have it! Whether you want a place to do yoga or a place to practice your punches, Phnom Penh has something for you.

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