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ទីតាំង ឫស្សីកែវ

ទីតាំង ឫស្សីកែវ
ទីតាំង ឫស្សីកែវ


ទិញ$129K - $548K
ជួល$425 - $3K
សំរាប់លក់304 ទំព័រដើម
សំរាប់ជួល276 ទំព័រដើម

Russey Keo (also spelled Russei Keo) is a Khan in the north of Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh. 

In Russey Keo, some very large boreys and mixed-use developments are changing the district, which is mostly populated by lower to middle-class Cambodians. Very few western expats live in the area but more Chinese, Japanese and Korean expats are living in Russey Keo.

Russey Keo is made up of mostly local residential homes, villas and apartments but several businesses have their offices here and it is also home to large scale breweries and manufacturing plants. 

As a gateway to the north and with National Highway 5 running along the banks of the river, Russey Keo is seeing increased development and diversification of its residents and developments.

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