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ទីតាំង ទួលគោក

ទីតាំង ទួលគោក
ទីតាំង ទួលគោក


ទិញ$79K - $880K
ជួល$395 - $4K
សំរាប់លក់375 ទំព័រដើម
សំរាប់ជួល2444 ទំព័រដើម

Translated as “ground hill” in Khmer, Toul Kork is located to the west and northwest of the centre of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and is a popular suburban area of the city.

It is believed the district is the second most popular residential area in Phnom Penh after Chamkarmon. The area has seen a huge amount of development in recent years and has attracted a mix of businesses, commercial, residential tenants and home-owners. The area is well known for a large number of villas and an increasingly growing number of boreys.

Boeung Kak Lake is a large central section of land that used to be popular with expats, NGOs and had an active arts scene in the late 1990s through to around 2015 but has since then, the lake area has been reclaimed and it is undergoing earmarked mixed development. There are condos, shopping malls, entertainment venues, business complexes and parking lots under construction, or already completed.

The area to the north is still surrounded by several potential development areas and plots of land. However, with the rapid development of the commercial and real estate, large areas of vacant land have now been filled. This also has resulted in a vastly improved infrastructure. 

A large number of senior officials and a section of the business elite of Phnom Penh and Cambodian officials also reside in Toul Kork. The Khan is now considered an extension of the capital’s CBD rather than an outlying area and it is also a thoroughfare to the recently popular Sen Sok area.

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