In the area of Khan Chamkarmon lies Sangkat Phsar Chas. This is the area where the Night Market is located. The famous mall is situated in a portion of the capital where there are a bunch of wide boulevards, including Preah Sisowath Quay, the Preh Norodom Boulevard, the Preah Monivong Boulevard, and the Jok Dimitrov Boulevard. Spotted along the area are variations of different businesses. These include but are not limited to embassies, hotels, hospitals, schools, ministries, fitness centers, universities, restaurants, agencies, spas, and bars. The Night Market has also significantly impacted the city’s economic value for the better. It has also added value to the Sangkat Phsar Chas’s retail market. Up and coming developments around the Night Market can also be taken as an indicator that developers have confidence in the mall and its surroundings. If you’re trying to get a villa for rent in Night Market, it also comes with access to various facilities such as the ones mentioned above. And in addition to being considered just a retail hub, the Night Market also lays close to markets and tourist destinations such as Wat Phnom, the Central Market, Kandal Market, the National Museum of Cambodia, the Royal Palace, the Independence Monument, the Olympic Market, and the Olympic Stadium.

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Villa for Rent in Night Market

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